At Casa da Volta we can make recommendations and assist with bespoke requests or help to create tailor-made itineraries for your stay with us. Whether you’re looking to discover the local traditions and culture, the beautiful clothing and interior decoration shops in our nearby towns, to experience the unforgettable experiences of riding a horse at the beach or chasing the dolphins in a catamaran.

These are all within a (beautifully tanned) arms reach of Casa da Volta. Get in touch to speak with us and we can help you to curate your dream stay in Portugal and within our precious Alentejo during your time with us.

While Casa da Volta is a place for adapting to a slower pace of life, for those that like to do the house offers a variety of laidback ways to occupy your time. For those active souls, a small gym for those wishing to shake off the sumptuously long lunches, table tennis for small and big kids, mountain bicycles for all the family to take exploring in the surrounding landscape.

Outdoor dining is split across the courtyard and back terrace, and an infinity swimming pool that reflects the sky above during its ever-changing phases throughout the day for cooling off. You might never need to leave…

Settled in the depths of an abundant triangle, Casa da Volta sits at the intersection between the sleepy village of Grandola, the hum of nearby Comporta, and Melides, a rural place where a community of creatives, have quietly settled into an alternative groove behind the dunes of the coast, amongst the undulating rhythm of cork forests and traditional Portuguese villages.


Drive 40 minutes North of Casa da Volta and you will find the village of Comporta, flanked by the dramatic beaches of Carvalhal, Comporta, Aberta-Nova, and many wild, deserted spots to explore in between. The Comporta beach area is a vast and single, continuous sand line that goes on for more than 40 kilometers from the tip of Troia to southern Sines. Here is a rustic, fuss-free way of life.

Besides the quaint, barefoot yet elegant beach-shack vibe of Comporta village filled with quirky shops, must-go restaurants and lazy beach clubs, the surrounding natural landscape is a magical place. Salty vineyards are bordered by rice paddies, great, stripey fields farmed for centuries which stretch all the way down the coast, sheltered from Atlantic breezes by sandy dunes. Paddies merge into heavy dunes dotted with pine trees, every step edging closer to the ocean. Exploding with wildlife all year round, it’s the perfect spot for those who also love nature or outdoor activities like sailing, surfing, fishing, cycling, or birdwatching.


To the West of Casa da Volta, Melides. A place filled with the scent of sand, eucalyptus, and pine paired with that familiar fragrance that comes at the end of a hot summer day or that after an autumn rain shower, the air filled with the sweet smell of the earth rising. With its white-cobbled central square, the town itself is dotted with secret spots to find local Portuguese pottery and objects, organic vegetables, and lazy cafes.

Out of town, creative communities play host to their own architecturally designed secret homes, artist residencies and art installations, exhibitions worth visiting during your stay. Sitting at the edge of where the Alentejo’s rolling countryside meet its sandy plains, the constant in Melides is the ocean, a smudge of inky blue on the horizon. Here, local life revolves around the land and sea, harvesting olives, catching fish, and planting in the sandy soil…so embrace a slower life and set your watch to Melides time.


While Grândola is geographically close to Comporta’s beach bars and elegant boutiques, it has an altogether different feel and energy. Laidback and located in a raw and rugged landscape, the village itself has been in existence for more than 500 years. Here, everything happens at its own pace and people still operate the way they would have done a hundred years ago.

Take Casa da Volta’s Discovery 4×4 and rattle along gravel and dirt roads that run over hills studded with cork trees, many exhibiting freshly peeled bark, bright as Portugal’s succulent oranges. Grandola will leave you feeling transported to another time; passing small farms with neat vegetable gardens, alpaca farms, and fields filled with coiling green vines. On your adventures by wheel, by foot, by bicycle or on horseback, soak in the daytime air which is clean and sharp, before returning to the house with a glass of local wine. Here, at night, with virtually no light pollution we embrace a canopy of stars, an infinite mass in the dark sky…

It’s one of the region’s favourites and has been awarded as one of the best beach restaurants in the world. Reservation is mandatory on weekends and high season. Try to reserve days ahead.

+351 265 490 129 | www.restaurantesal.pt

COMPORTA CAFE at Comporta Beach.
Reservation mandatory on weekends and high season. Live music on saturday nights

+351 265 497 652 | www.comportacafe.com

A TALHA at Grandola.
One of the most traditional restaurants in Grandola famous for its local cuisine. If you are a meat or game lover, this is a must-go!

+351 269 086 942

CASA DE PASTO at Grandola.
You know a place it great when the locals crowd it. Elsa, the onwer is the best cook in town and we love it. A lot of times we order over the phone and pick up to eat at Casa da Volta.

+351 963 166 955

DINIS – Os Pescadores at Carvalhal Beach.
Excellent grilled fish and seafood. Amazing sea view. More unpretensious and cheaper than the other beach restaurants.

+351 265497023 | +351967977193

Specialised in seafood in downtown Grandola

+351 269 082 607 – 


SUBLIME BEACH CLUB at Carvalhal Beach
The new kid in town with a great views and great vibe. Reservations are mandatory.

+ 351 269 249 540 | www.sublimecomportabeachclub.pt

DONA BIA at Torre
The best fish restaurant around. Arrive early for an amazing experience of typical Alentejo cuisine.
+351 265 497 557

ILHA DO ARROZ at Comporta Beach
+351 265 490 510 | www.restauranteilhadoarroz.com

MUSEU DO ARROZ (Rice Museum) at Comporta
+351 265 497 555 | www.restaurantemuseudoarroz.com

WINE TASTING at Herdade da Comporta.
The wine farm is right next to the Comporta town, close to the rice museum. Call ahead and confirm the wine tasting of 2 or 5 wines.
+351 265 499 942

WINE TASTING at Breijinho da Costa. This an amazing local winery, located 10 minutes from Casa da Volta, heading to Melides, close to the old prision.

+351 265 497 023 | +351 967 977 193 | www.brejinhodacosta.pt/en/

5 SENTIDOS at Carvalhal.
Nice meals and wonderful healthy breakfasts.

+351 265 497 045 https://www.facebook.com/5sentidoscarvalhal/

CAVALARIÇA at Comporta town
Great concept with excellent meals and drinks on an old horse stable.

+351 930 451 879 | www.cavalarica.pt

MELIDENSE at Melides
Great typical Alentejo cuisine. Unpretencious and with a unique vibe.

+351 269 907 288

A simple, unpretentious place with typical portuguese dishes. Amazing roasted suckling pig. Perfect for pickup and eat at home.

+351 967 915 615

The restaurant from Sublime hotel. Great cuisine with organic and local products.


Amazing experience even for those without experience. Also good for kids. Book ahead. They also have kayaks to go on the water canals of the rice fields.


A wonderful 3 hour trip in a catamaran in the Sado River estuary to watch the dolphins.


The title says it all! Check out Comporta WOW. 

Surf and bodyboard lessons and rentals. You can also go for stand up paddle in the rice field water channels.


at the Sado river on a real salt galeon can be an amazing experience http://www.troiacruze.com/en/ 

Yoga and meditation at the rice fields

+351 967 566 192 | www.tomasmellobreyner.com/

THE PALAFITIC DOCK in Carrasqueira
Is really worth a visit. It’s one of the most photographed sites in Portugal. It’s a very old fishermen peer built and kept by the fishermen themselves.

Check our video here.

It’s like a wild zoo on a giant property. 30 minutes drive from Casa da Volta heading south, to Melides.


Fishing & Scuba Diving
EcoAlga does it at Porto Covo, about 1 hour away from Casa do Pego

+351 964 620 394

You can do it with Wind Passenger or with Barlavento Balloons

If you want to spend your money, Comporta has some of the best stores to do it. From trendy fashion to chic home decor, Comporta has it all.

Best places are Vintage Department, Lavanda, Inxalá, RICE Marta Mantero, Coté Sud, Fio de Agua, Loja do Museu do Arroz (Rice Museum), Coral Comporta, Fio D’Agua, TM Collection and Manumaya.

In Carvalhal, the main street has very interesting home decor and furnishing shops like Stork Club, Jacques Grange, Loja de Cá, Barracuda, Cabana, Santa Maria Velharias. Velharias Julio Maria or Velharias Sara.

As for groceries, if your idea is to pack the fridge, go to Continente hipermarket in Grandola. There you can find pretty much everything.

For special groceries you can find the best downtown Grandola:
Get the best fresh fish and seafood the place to go is Loja Du Peixe, the best fruits and vegetables go to Frutaria da Alda and the best butcher at Romão.