Contemporary Cosiness + Curiosity

Designed in collaboration with interior designer José Luis Barbosa, inside Casa da Volta lies a gallery of amusing artworks and curiosities with a North African twist.


The interiors at Casa da Volta have been designed to blend with the nuances of the Alentejo’s idyllic landscape and to pay homage to the culture that envelopes both the house and the unique heritage of it’s owners. Offering its inhabitants a scope of cultures and experiences that encourage a slower, more connected way of life, the house leaves aside the marks of time and connects us with the past in a peaceful environment. 

An L structure to the house plays host to a connective series of living spaces, each encouraging the home’s communities to meet while providing many intimate corners for moments of simple solitude. Created with elegance, simplicity, and comfort, furnishings exude soft minimalism; linen sofas, mid century modern pieces, simple, sculptural light fittings, organic ceramics, each element hand-chosen to fit its purpose of place. Clean lines and brushed concrete floors keep the interior cool, even on warmer days and a vast open fireplace ensures cosiness in cooler climates. This is mindful, rural living with a contemporary vision for the modern traveller”